Ducati Museum

Founded in 1926, Ducati has been producing sports bikes equipped with desmodromic distribution engines, innovative design and cutting-edge technology since 1946. It is an over 90 year-long story that recounts the passion for speed through its origins, the beauty of its bikes and the charm of a company that was born in Bologna and carries the spirit of Emilia Romagna throughout the world.

The Ducati story presented in the museum is one that spans over two centuries and explores the themes of engineering and fascinating, timeless design, sporting companies and legendary racing drivers. A tale that is enclosed in an exclusive temple.

Enter into the world of Ducati by a factory tour. Discover where and how the red bikes were born in Borgo Panigale, now famous all over the world. Come and see where the iconic design takes shape. An unforgettable experience for both aficionados and people who are new to the bike world.

Ducati Museum
Museo Ducati
Via Cavalieri Ducati, 3
40132 Bologna
+31 (0) 51 - 6413111