Document Centre for Human Migrations

The Document Centre for Human Migrations (CDMH) has a particular interest in the heritage associated with migration and highlights this aspect by presenting it through specific itineraries.Established in 1996, the centre located in the Gare-Usines station that serves the “Italie” district in Dudelange, is managed by a non-profit organisation. Its purpose is the study of migration in Luxembourg and in the Grande-Région, encompassing the past and the present. Focused on Luxembourg society and its diversity, it resolutely pursues these objectives, acting as an interface between heritage institutions (archives, libraries, museums), the voluntary sector, research, and the general public.

The CDMH collects archives, manages a specialist library, initiates and supports research, takes part in the dissemination of academic knowledge by all appropriate means (lectures, study days. seminars, workshops, publications, and exhibitions). The traditional “Sunday meetings” serve in particular as a framework for the discussion of scientific, literary and artistic work on the subject of migration.

The purpose of the CDMH is to make known the history of the inhabitants of the “Italie” district on the context of a “museum without walls”. It is in this context that the CDMH regularly organises trips in the district to discover its individual architecture and its monuments. The CDMH also encourages partnerships with the inhabitants of the location, particularly through the publication of a district newspaper.

Document Centre for Human Migrations
Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations humaines (CDMH)
3481 Dudelange
+352 (0) 51 - 6985

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
Duration of a guided tour:120 Minutes
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Thursday - Sunday 3-6pm

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