DIZ Stadtallendorf Documentation and Information Centre

DIZ is a community centre, museum and research centre for the industrial history of Allendorf and a memorial for victims of Nazism with a focus on the topics of the armaments industry and forced labour. Explosives and ammunition plants were built at Allendorf and Herrenwald from 1938 that used up to 20,000 forced labour from a concentration camp. The plants were spread around 650 concrete buildings on a total area of 1,000 hectares. They produced TNT and HND explosive and filled shells, grenades, bombs and the first military cruise missile, the Fiesler Fi 103. After the Second World War the site was redeveloped and became a place for new industries. Before the ammunition plant was built Allendorf was a rural village but it became the town of Stadtallendorf in 1960. DIZ is located in the former office building of Dynamit Nobel AG and opened in 1994. It offers guided tours and exhibitions with original documents, explanatory maps and drawings.

DIZ Stadtallendorf Documentation and Information Centre
DIZ Stadtallendorf Dokumentations- und Informationszentrum
Aufbauplatz 4
35260 Stadtallendorf
+49 (0) 6428 - 707424