DB (German Railway) Museum

Nuremberg 1835: When the first–ever steam engine in Germany set off on its maiden voyage it was accompanied by huge expectations. People hoped it would work miracles, put an end to the current economic crisis, modernise society and help bring about national unity. The six kilometre stretch of railway between Nuremberg and Fürth was indeed the beginning of a development which was to catapult Germany into a new era. From then on the world was a little smaller. In no time at all townsfolk were travelling by train to picnic in the countryside and workers pouring in from the countryside to the towns. The industrial age had donned its seven-mile-boots, and progress took its inexorable course.

The DB (German Railways) in Nuremberg traces all these developments up to the present-day. Equipped with the latest exhibition techniques the museum offers visitors a fascinating tour through 175 years of German railway history: from a splendid VIP’s “waiting-room”, to a railway garden with (stuffed) goats, and from King Ludwig II’s saloon car to the latest Inter City Express. Several different model railway layouts illuminate the changes which have occurred in town and country over the decades; and would-be train drivers can get their money’s worth on a computerised simulator. The outside site is particularly popular during fine weather as it contains two old signal boxes and a museum railway.

DB (German Railway) Museum
Lessingstraße 6
90443 Nuremberg
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