Danube Museum

The Danube Museum is located in the centre of the small historic city of Esztergom on the River Danube. It aims to raise awareness of shared responsibilities for the protection of water, environment and climate by integrating human, scientific and technical knowledge about the management of water and other natural resources. It opened in 1973 and the exhibitions were renewed in 2019. The collection comprises some 150,000 objects including tools, machines, images, documents and maps. The museum presents a historical overview of the uses of water, from the toilet flush to the steam engine and waterpower. Other topics include the effects of climate change on wildlife, the challenges of future water management and the changing use of global water supply. Models of ships that travelled the Danube are exhibited. Many of the exhibits are interactive, and a range of multimedia devices, such as animations, films, QR codes and pictures enhance the collection.

Danube Museum
Duna Múzeum
Kölcsey Ferenc u. 2
2500 Esztergom
+36 (0) 33 - 500250