Cyprus Motor Museum

The Cyprus Motor Museum was founded by the internationally successful rally driver Dimi Mauropoulos (b 1949) and its core is his personal collection of 90 vehicles. The museum opened in 2014 but re-located to its present site in 2015. The emphasis in the collection is on classic and collectible motor cars, although there are numerous Ford Sierras and BMWs from the 1980s. The earliest is a Ford Model T of 1912. A most unusual vehicle is an armoured Cadillac weighing 4.2 tonnes that was a gift of the United States government to President Makarious III (1913-77). There are novelty vehicles including the green Mini used in Mr Bean films, as well as a London double-decker bus and a fire engine from Nottingham. The museums makes available classic cars for tours of the island or for weddings.

Cyprus Motor Museum
3056 Limassol
+357 (0) 70 - 009 000