Croatian Railway Museum

The railway museum in Zagreb was established on 19 March 1991 and formally named the Croatian Railway Museum from 20 May 2001. It is supported by railway pensioners association, which donated its historical collection to the museum in 2011. It is located in the TŽV Gredelj locomotive works the earliest parts of which date from 1894 although many of the buildings were erected in the early twentieth century. All are recognised as historical structures. There is limited space in the museum and it is possible to display only 20 vehicles, including six steam and two electric locomotives, but 16 steam locomotives belonging to the museum are displayed at stations across Croatia. Displays include timetables, photographs, postcards and models. The museum’s philosophy is that technological explanations alone cannot sufficiently show the ‘special kind of beauty and aesthetic expression which the railway carries within and brings with itself. The aesthetics of machine and speed, the beauty of technical design, the functionality and pragmatics of technology rely on man’s need for purposeful things, but also the need for romanticism, day-dreaming and fantasy’.

Croatian Railway Museum
Hrvatski Željeznički Muzej
Ul Grada Vukovana 47
10000 Zagreb
+385 (0) 1 - 3782862