Crespi d’Adda World Heritage Site

Crespi d’Adda is a community where textiles were manufactured in a mill completed in 1878, but it is important chiefly as a model community, designed by Silvio Benigno Crespi n (1868-1944), who had studied the textile industry in Cologne and Oldham and in France. The village is one of the most spectacular in Europe, and as a place where hydro-electric power was produced from an early date. The factory itself is of architectural distinction, with a formal entrance between office blocks, and weaving sheds with traceried decoration in terracotta. Workers were at first housed in apartment blocks and a four-storey ‘hotel’ built in 1878-80, and from 1881 in semi-detached houses. A spectacular castle designed by Ernesto Pirovano was built for Crespi in 1894-7. Hydro-electric plant was installed at the mill in 1909, and there are several other early generating plants in the vicinity.

Crespi d’Adda World Heritage Site
Crespi D’Adda, patrimonio dell’Umanità UNESCO
Corso Manzoni 18
24042 Capriate San Gervasio
+39 (0) 2 - 90939988

Recommended duration of visit:2 Hours
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Crespi d’Adda can be visited freely at any time

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