Cornish Archives at Kresen Kernow

Kresen Kernow (‘Cornwall Centre’) is dedicated to providing information about Cornwall and is staffed by professional librarians. Its collection of over 40,000 books and printed resources covers Cornish history, geography, industries, customs and highlights Cornwall’s mining heritage. It offers anyone interested in the industrial history of Cornwall an opportunity to study mining survey maps, geology maps, photographs, newspapers, journals, census returns, property history, family history, and much more.

The archive centre with public research, learning and exhibition spaces is located in the former Redruth Brewery site, which was restored and converted for this purpose. Redruth developed as a major centre of Tin and Copper mining and many domestic, social and educational buildings of the period can still be seen. The effective re-use of many buildings now contributes to the regeneration of the town which suffered from the loss of the mining industry.

Cornish Archives at Kresen Kernow
Cornish Archives at Kresen Kernow Kresen Kernow, Little Vauxhall, Redruth TR15 1AS Telephone number: 01209 614430
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