Colophon - The Printer’s House

The ‘colophon’ in publishing identifies the printer and date of a book. It is a suitable name for a museum that is a celebration of printing, typography and books. In a time when so much printing is digital, Colophon demonstrates its passion for paper, type and hand-made books. The museum is housed in the bailiff’s house in the ancient Savoie town of Grignan. The building displays a typographer’s and printer’s workshop. Among the examples of equipment are a Stanhope press of 1848, an Albion press of 1864, a Linotype machine and a Massicot press of 1850. On the ground floor is a typographer's office where working typographers answer visitors’ questions surrounded by paper, print and the smell of ink. Another room is devoted to materials for writing – feather quills, inkwells, paper – and a bookbinding workshop. The museum gives workshops for groups and schoolchildren. Colophon also publishes and prints books here and has a bookshop where events are held with writers.

Colophon - The Printer’s House
Colophon - Maison de l’Imprimeur
Maison du Bailli
26230 Grignan
+33 (0) 475 - 465716