Claymills Victorian Pumping Station

Enthusiasts of steam and all the connected paraphernalia are in for a treat at this richly informative attraction in Staffordshire. This is thought to be Britain’s most complete Victorian pumping station and is crammed with tools and equipment from the period, all kept in pristine condition. There are over 29 working stationary steam engines including four large pumping beam engines, the oldest working electrical generator in Britain and a large steam driven workshop.

But the story behind the need for the pumping stations is equally as fascinating. It seems that the town of Burton-upon-Trent faced more sewage disposal problems than any other in the 1800s thanks to the high count of breweries in the area (which, without wanting to be indelicate, caused effluent to be sulphate rich and difficult to dispose of). The answer was to build a sewage farm at Egginton but to get the sewage there a large pumping station had to be build at Claymills.

This is a Family Friendly site where children get the chance to start a steam engine and to follow the Rat Trail. There are also opportunities for prospective young engineers to get hands on experience in an effort to help provide future engineers.

Claymills Victorian Pumping Station
Meadow Lane Stretton
DE13 0DA Burton upon Trent
United Kingdom
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