City Museum

The town of Mőlndal on the southern edge of Gothenburg (Gőteborg) was built around fast-running rapids which until the 1940s provided power for a host of different industries, corn mills, saw mills and paper mills. The town museum was established in 1987 and moved in 2002 to its present building, a factory with a long industrial history that was used between 1929 and 1982 for the manufacture of hosiery. It stands in an area called the mill village where there were 35 mill buildings at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The last factory to use water-power closed in 1942, and the last manufacturing premises in the area, the Papyrus paper mill, ceased working in 2006. The museum galleries tell the story of the various industries in Mőlndal, currently with particular emphasis on the Lindome furniture made in the town from the eighteenth century until the 1930s. Water still flows beneath many of the buildings in Kvarnbygaten, and the museum publishes a trail guide which details their past uses.

City Museum
Kvarnbygaten 12
43134 Mőlndal
+46 (0) 313 - 151650