Christine Slate Mine

Four quarries opened in the 1850s near Wilingen were brought together with the name Christine in 1863. The Christine tunnel for underground quarrying was cut in 1871. The quarry produced millions of roofing slates used in the region but the industry came to an end in 1971 due to the growth in use of cheaper alternative materials. The mine was opened to the public soon afterwards. Tour guides take visitors underground on foot through the Christine tunnel. They show how slate blocks were extracted using drills and explosives and transported to the surface. Working conditions are explained along with the dangers or rock falls and lung diseases caused by dust. Slate splitting to make roof slates is demonstrated above ground. An exhibition shows fossils found in the mine and objects made from slate and slate waste. More adventurous visitors can book a diving tour in flooded workings.


Christine Slate Mine
Schwalefelder Straße 28
34508 Willingen
+49 (0) 5632 - 9694353