Chocolaterie Jacques

Who can resist the sweet temptation of soft, aromatic melt-in-the-mouth runny chocolate or the hard crunchy bars which make children and adults alike so happy? Originally the art of making chocolate was cloaked in mystery, and chocolate was a mystical cult symbol for many years. It was also used as hard currency and regarded as a luxury article, before it became an affordable mass product. But children´s hearts still begin to beat a little quicker when it arrives on the table wrapped in the form of a Father Xmas or an Easter egg.


If you want to find out more about the secret of making chocolate, the "Jacques Chocolaterie" is the place to visit. The firm in Eupen not only produces chocolate in a huge variety of shapes and sizes; it also informs its visitors about the history of chocolate. The firm´s own chocolate museum shows how cocoa beans are grown, and has its own collection of historic items, old shapes, wrappings, and also chocolate making machines. Young people , in particular, cannot wait to be offered the chance to sample some freshly-made chocolate straight off the production line. By contrast, the Jacques chocolate production area itself is rather bare. Visitors can stand on a platform and watch the employees below at work on making the various different sorts of chocolate bars, without disturbing the course of production. It goes without saying that, at the end of their visit, guests can also purchase something from the range of products made by the company: not only chocolate bars, but pralines, biscuits, marzipan and other mouth-watering specialities. It is very unlikely that anyone at all will leave the "Kingdom of Jacques Chocolate" with empty hands.

Chocolaterie Jacques
BCB-Division Jacques
Rue de L´Industrie 16
B-4700 Eupen
+32 (0) 87 - 592967