Cercs Mining Museum

Around the upper reaches of the Llobregat river there are many mines which have riddled the mountains with their galleries. The mines of Figols and the surrounding area were for long the source of the coal that moved the steam engines that drove Catalan industry. 

The mining museum reveals 150 years of mining history in the Berguedà district, the uses and applications of coal and the way of life of those who lived around the mines. A mining trains takes visitors inside the galleries of the Sant Romà mine where they can experience, in the original setting, what work was inside the mine. The museum presents an interesting audivisual display, a miner's department, an open-air exhibition of mining machinery and the room for temporary exhibitions.

Cercs Mining Museum
Museu de les Mines de Cerc
Plaça Sant Romà s/n. Colònia Sant Corneli
08698 Cercs
+34 (0) 93 - 8248187