Ceramics Museum at Sacavém

A pottery was established by Manuel Joaquim Afonso at Sacavém, now in the municipality of Loures, north of Lisbon, in 1856, and within five years was taken over by an English company which managed it for many years. It diversified to produce a wide range of ceramic products, table wares, glazed tiles, ceramic mosaics, household sanitary wares and ceramics for hospitals and pharmacies. It remained a significant part of the local economy for most of the twentieth century but faced difficulties during the fuel crisis of the 1970s. The works became bankrupt in 1995, and the factory was speedily demolished, but a large collection of its products was saved. The company than planned to building housing on the factory site was persuaded to leave some land for the building of a museum. The historic collection was formally made over to the municipality and in 2000 a museum was opened in a striking modern building. The history of a notable enterprise and the skills of its workers are reflected in the display of its products.

Ceramics Museum at Sacavém
Museu da Cerãmica de Sacavém Urbanização Real Forte
Rua Álvaro Pedro Gomes
2685-137 Loures-Sacavém
+351 (0) 21 - 1151082