Carmuseum 'ZeitHaus' at Autostadt

The town of Wolfsburg was established in 1938 by the Third Reich, and was originally called Stadt des Kdf-Wagens (town of the KdF [Kraft durch Freude – Strength through Joy] car). It was re-named after a nearby castle after the Second World War. The beetle-shaped people’s car – the Volkswagen – designed by Ferdinand Porsche (1875-1951), was built in large numbers, was exported to many countries, and was one of the foundations of Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ of the 1950s and 1960s. Before the unification of Germany in 1989, the city of Wolfsburg, close to the border with the former DDR, had few distinguishing features apart from its huge car factory. This changed in 2000, when the 'Autostadt' was established, a delivery centre for new cars with a leisure park and the 'ZeitHaus'.

The 'ZeitHaus' is a cross-brand car museum that presents around 250 vehicles from over 60 different brands. The exhibition presents around 100 regularly changed vehicles, all of which have had a decisive influence on the development of the automobile. All vehicles are milestones of mobility - in terms of technology, design, production or conception.

Carmuseum 'ZeitHaus' at Autostadt
38446 Wolfsburg
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