Canfranc International Railway Station

This extraordinary station was at the centre of a project to cross the Pyrenees between Spain and France at an altitude of 1,000 m, north of Huesca. Passengers and goods changed trains as the French and Spanish railways had different gauges. The project began around 1909 but it was interrupted by the First World War and completed only in 1925. The international station was little used after the Second World War due to the isolation of the Franco government. It closed in 1970. The platforms and transshipment docks form long, straight lines in the bottom of the valley: the main building is 241 m long with 75 doors on each side. The complex includes concourses, warehouses, customs offices, a police station and a hotel. It was designed by the Spanish engineer Fernando Ramírez de Dampierre with curved glass roofs and towers. The station is being refurbished and can be viewed outside or on guided tours booked through the tourism office.

Canfranc International Railway Station
Estación internacional de Canfranc
22880 Canfranc
+34 (0) 974 - 373141 (Oficina de Turismo)