Canal Museum and Aqueduct

The Dalsland‘s Canal was built in 1864-8. It was designed by Nils Erikson to join lakes and fjords for 250km across Sweden and into Norway. The dug sections of the canal are only 12km. At Håverud the canal had to cross rapids on a river and Erikson built an elegant aqueduct of rivetted steel plates in one span of 33.5m. It is now a famous tourist attraction. The canal museum was first created fifty years ago and has been redeveloped to stay up to date. It explains the lives of people around the waterways with images documents and artefacts. It is located in a building of the Håfreströms paper mill established in 1880 and displays engines and machinery from the factory.

Canal Museum and Aqueduct
Kanalmuseet och Akveducten
Museivägen 3
46472 Håverud
+46 (0) 530 - 30624