Çamlık Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum

The Çamlik Outdoor Railway Museum is located 12 km from Selçuk near Ephesus, on the oldest main line in Turkey, built in 1866. The tracks in the area were re-aligned from 1991 which provided an opportunity for the creation of a museum in a garden setting which opened in 1997. More than 30 steam locomotives are displayed, including examples built by Robert Stephenson & Co, Beyer Peacock and North British in the United Kingdom, by Henschel, Maffei and Borsig in Germany, and NOHAB in Sweden. The nine passenger carriages include the saloon of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (1881-1938) which has a marble bathroom. There are also seven assorted freight wagons.

Çamlık Open Air Steam Locomotive Museum
Çamlık Buharlı Lokomotif Müzesi
Çamlık Köyu
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