Braunsdorf Historic Weaving Mill

The textile mill at Niederwiesa, 12 km. east of Chemnitz in the Erzgebirge, dates from soon after 1800. It was owned from 1910 by Martin Tannenhauer, who established a textile business in Chemnitz in 1883. The mill became a technical museum from 1994 after production ceased with the rationalisation of the textile industry in the former GDR. The building is now owned by the Gemeindeverwaltung Niederweisa and has comprehensive displays on three floors detailing the history of weaving. The museum’s collection includes a range of hand looms and ten power looms of 1921-1955. A short demonstration can be given to visitors of the 80 decibel sound created by a whole floor of clattering looms. Explanations are provided of the workings of Jacquard and other automated looms, and there are extensive displays of woven fabrics. There is a workshop in which visitors are able to weave for themselves. There is also a restaurant, and the former mill is a venue for many cultural events.

Braunsdorf Historic Weaving Mill
Historische Schauweberei Braunsdorf
Inselsteig 16
09577 Niederwiesa
+49 (0) 3720 - 6899800