Bragança National Railway Museum

The museum is housed at the former railway station of the city of Bragança in the north of Portugal. The Tua narrow-gauge railway that connected the city to the Douro valley closed in 1991. The museum reopened after being extended into new buildings next to the old station in 2019. It is run in collaboration with the National Railway Museum Foundation. The rolling stock includes four German Esslingen steam locomotives of 1886 to 1907. In addition to well-preserved locomotives, carriages and wagons there are hundreds of other objects. These include furniture from waiting rooms, lamps, signs, signals, a water standpipe for filling locomotive boilers, machine tools from the repair workshops, railwaymen’s clothing, tools and instruments – all the material culture associated with the operation of railways. Photographs, texts and interactive displays show the history of the Linha do Tua, its traffic and its construction through a challenging landscape in 1887.

Bragança National Railway Museum
Museu Nacional Ferroviário de Bragança
Rua da Estação
5300-151 Bragança
+351 (0) 960 - 461596