Boxenstop Car, Bike and Toy Museum

Boxenstop means ‘pitstop’ in English. The collection was created in 1985 by Rainer and Ute Klink. They housed it in in a former depot for the family business, the Paul Schnaith bus company, near the centre of the city of Tübingen in south-west Germany. It began as a motorcycle museum but soon cars were added and later all kinds of toys. The collection now houses hundreds of exhibits, from the oldest, a Triumph motorcycle of 1914, through other motorbikes, scooters and bicycles to around 80 family cars or sports cars from many different makers internationally and a record-breaking Lloyd racing car from 1954. Over 1,000 toys on display include railway models, toy boats and planes, steam tractors and dolls’ houses. The Klinks pride themselves on having a museum without barriers where visitors can explore ‘hands-on’. Some of the exhibits, such as a model railway, can be operated by visitors.

Boxenstop Car, Bike and Toy Museum
Brunnenstraße 18
72074 Tübingen
+49 (0) 7071 - 929092