Book Arts – the Municipal Printing Office

Book Arts opened in 2011 as a centre for the appreciation of the printing press, the book and associated arts. It is located in the modernist building of the Municipal Printing Works, built of brick and reinforced concrete in 1933. The works was designed byFrancisco Javier Ferrero (1891-1936) and Luis Bellido (1869-1955). The functional features of the building include strong reinforced-concrete floors, large windows and a skylight over a central well that opens onto the working spaces. The walls of the light-well are decorated with alphabets in relief. The objective of Book Arts is to preserve and disseminate traditional printing and binding techniques. The collection contains some 3,000 items. Visitors see printing presses and binding equipment in use. Many examples are on show of lithographic stones, original artwork and fine bindings. The centre holds professional workshops on typography, printing and binding.



Book Arts – the Municipal Printing Office
Imprenta Municipal-Artes del Libro
Calle Concepción Jeronima 15
28012 Madrid
+34 (0) 914 - 294881