Blast Furnace No 1

Blast furnace no. 1 is the most important legacy passed down to our times from the Altos Hornos de Vizcaya (AHV) company. AHV, a Spanish iron and steel company, was founded in 1902 by the merger of three steel companies. At that time it was the largest company of its kind in Spain. It had its headquarters and major works in the town of Sestao near Bilbao, which was traditionally dominated by iron production, and was located in the immediate vicinity of the iron ore deposits and the Bilbao deep sea port.

The imposing structure of the blast furnace, 80 metres high, is one of the town’s most attractive constructions. The viewpoint on calle Txabarri gives a perfect view of the site.

Blast Furnace No 1
Horno alto número 1
Calle Txabarri
48910 Sestao
+34 (0) 944 - 729000

Access for persons with disabilities:None

the site can only be viewed from the outside