Blacksmiths’ Museum

Saint-Martin-la-Plane in the department of Loire lies in an area known for metal products over many centuries in the Jarez Mountains between Lyon and Saint Étienne and near the Pilat Regional Natural Park. It was said in the early twentieth century that most people in the valley were acquainted with at least one smith. The blacksmiths’ museum was established in 1996 and provides a comprehensive view of the history of the craft, with displays of products both ancient and modern. A reconstructed workshop shows how forged and stamped objects shape our lives, and visitors are also able to see the office of the owner of the company.  Gatherings of as many as sixty blacksmiths from all over Europe take place at the museum, and there are special celebrations each year in honour of St Eloi, patron saint of metal workers.

Blacksmiths’ Museum
La Meurine – Maison de Forgerons
2 Rue Antoine Seytre
42800 Saint-Martin-la-Plane
+33 (0) 477 - 934580