Bisingen Museum

Bisingen concentration camp, which supplied labour for an oil-shale mine at the end of the Second World War, functioned between August 1944 and April 1945. It was a satellite of Natzweiler concentration camp. Prisoners mined oil shale for fuel when other oil supplies had been cut off by the conflict. The conditions were inhumane, and several thousand people died during the eight months of its operation. The ‘Courage to Remember’ exhibition opened in 1992, following decades when this dark chapter in local and national history was seldom presented. It explores camp life, work and the interdependencies between the village and the camp. Photographs and objects accompany the exhibition, including a wooden bird made by a prisoner to exchange for food. In 1998, a historical trail opened to complement the exhibition that takes visitors to sites related to the mine and camp. A cemetery commemorating unnamed victims of the Bisingen camp is nearby.

Bisingen Museum
Kirchgasse 15
72406 Bisingen
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