Berlin Historic Port

The Fischerinsel in Berlin-Mitte offers familiar views of the TV tower and the Nikolai district. However, if your gaze wanders to the Spree, you will notice historic ships, steam tugs and excursion boats. They are part of the Historic Harbour.

The history of shipping in Berlin goes back a long time. The first moorings for goods traffic on the water were established here as early as the Middle Ages. In 1298, the Brandenburg sovereign Margrave Otto V documented the operation of the harbour and regulated shipping traffic. He also levies a Berlin customs duty. The city's location between the Oder and the Elbe river favours lively traffic on the waterways. Berlin becomes a trading city. At the beginning of the 20th century, more and more people move to the imperial capital. Building materials, such as bricks for housing construction, arrive from Brandenburg on steam tractors. Coal from Silesia and Lusatia provides heat and electricity. But companies also appreciate a production location on Berlin's rivers and canals. Materials and finished products are shipped by the ton on Berlin's waterways.

An exhibition on the custom barge "Renate Angelika" looks back at the history of the port and the influence of shipping on Berlin's urban development.

Berlin Historic Port
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