Bergslagen Ecomuseum

The Bergslagen Ecomuseum, which administers many historic sites in Sweden’s most historically important industrial region, has its headquarters at the open air museum of mining, the first of its kind, established in 1938 by Karl-Erik Forsslund and Gustaf Bjorkman. The museum’s emblem is a gigantic waterwheel, and it demonstrates as well as any other museum in Europe the ways in which power was transmitted by wooden rods from waterwheels to operate pumps and other mining machinery. Other exhibits include drilling equipment, hand tools of many varieties and ore-dressing plant.

Bergslagen Ecomuseum
Ludvika gammelgård & gruvmuseum Stiftelsen Ecomuseum Bergslagen
Nils Nils gata 7
771 03 Ludvika
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