Beer Brewing Exposition

The town of Znojmo in South Moravia has a history of brewing beer since the Middle Ages. The brewery in the buildings of Znojmo Castle was started in 1720 and rebuilt in 1885. Privatisation in 1993 was followed by international mergers and production ended in 2005. However, the brewery was then bought by the town council. Brewing started again in 2015 alongside an exhibition of brewing. The site is a national historical monument and branch of the National Agricultural Museum. The beautiful copper brewing equipment made by Škodawerke in Plzeň in 1930 is fully conserved in its white-tiled hall. Panels explain the history of brewing and the whole process from growing the raw materials to the consumption of the product. The exhibition also features models that explain the brewing process, historical design plans, photographs and artefacts associated with beer and drinking. Videos are shown in the cut-away interior of one of the brewing vessels.

Beer Brewing Exposition
Expozice pivovarnictví
ulice Hradní
66902 Znojmo
Czech Republic
+420 (0) 734 - 767286