Bavarian Railway Museum

The city of Nördlingen lies in northern Bavaria on the original route of the Ludwig-Süd-Nord-Bahn (King Ludwig South-North Railway) built in 1843-54 over a distance of 566 km, from Lindau on the Bodensee (Lake Constance) through Immerstadt, Augsburg, Donauworth, Nuremburg and Bamberg to the border with Saxony at Hof. The depot for steam locomotives dates from 1851, but was adapted and extended with the construction of a roundhouse and the installation in 1937 of a 20 m turntable. Steam locomotives ceased to use the depot by 1966, but it was occupied by diesel locomotives and rail buses until 1985 when main lines in the vicinity were electrified and most branch lines closed. The depot was adapted as a museum from 1985, and the collection includes more than 200 vehicles, including No 3673 of the Bavarian State Railways, a pacific built by Maffei in 1918, and No 38 3180, a 4-6-0 of the class designed in Prussia, but used in most parts of Germany. There are also Kriegslok 2-10-0s, a variety of electric locomotives and some railbuses. Diesel and steam locomotives from the museum occasionally work special trains on the branch line to Gunzenhausen and as far as  Feuchtwangen on the line to Dombuhl.

Bavarian Railway Museum
Am Hohen Weg 6a
86720 Nördlingen
+49 (0) 9081 - 24309