Bakehouse, Bakery Museum

The Bakehouse Museum in Sopron is one of Europe’s livelier museums of the food industry. In Sopron, as in many other cities, bakers traditionally lived in a quarter outside the city wall. The museum is based in the Negyedi bakehouse which was occupied in 1688 by a baker called Joachim Hübner. Bakers remained there until the last of them Mihály Szeuer ceased making bread and pastries in 1970 and died two years later. The municipality of Sopron decided to preserve the bakehouse and display it to the public in the early 1970s. Visitors can see its huge oven, its kneading vessels, leavening cabinets and dough baskets. There is a small wooden chamber in the bakehouse where the owner could take naps during night shifts. The baker’s house is also incorporated within the museum. Visitors can also see the adjoining flour store which became a sweet shop catering for Sunday afternoon walkers in the late nineteenth century. The museum is recognisable by its sign, a lion breaking a pretzel into pieces.

Bakehouse, Bakery Museum
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