Baía do Tejo Industrial Museum at former Companhia União Fabril (CUF) Area

Companhia União Fabril (C.U.F.) in Barreiro opposite Lisbon was the largest chemical industrial center of one of the biggest Portuguese business groups in the 20th century. The construction of the industrial complex began in 1907 and the first factory started operating in 1908. The complex grew over the decades, occupying a considerable area of Barreiro with different types of buildings associated to the existing industrial activities. Over the years, to accommodate the growing number of workers, the company built large workers' housing estates with associated utilities and social facilities. In 1975 CUF ceased production in Barreiro. Meanwhile, the Baía do Tejo Business Park is managing the conversion and reuse of the former industrial site into the Barreiro Business Park. On the site, several partly listed buildings and facilities related to CUF's industrial and social activity recall the history of the site.

In the old Diesel Power Station the Baía do Tejo Industrial Museum is installed. The museum houses a significant collection of industrial equipment of various kinds, explains the former CUF manufacturing plants and how they operated, and displays an extensive documentary and iconographic collection on areas such as chemistry, textiles, metalworking, power generation, safety and industrial hygiene, and social services.

The museum can only be visited by appointment. It also organises guided tours of the former CUF area, visiting and explaining the Alfredo da Silva House Museum (Casa Museu Alfredo da Silva), first office of the factory (1908) with a flat used by the owner of the company (visits otherwise also by appointment) and the preserved industrial and social buildings and installations.

Baía do Tejo Industrial Museum at former Companhia União Fabril (CUF) Area
Museu Industrial Baía do Tejo
Parque Empresarial da Baía do Tejo
2830-314 Barreiro
+351 (0) 21 - 2067709

Duration of a guided tour:60-150 Minutes
Access for persons with disabilities:For details see website
Infrastructure for children:

Museum tours and guided tours of the former CUF company grounds available by appointment

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