Automobile & Tractor Museum

Located near Lake Constance, the Automobile and Tractor Museum houses two exhibitions. The first, titled ‘100 years of life in the countryside’ traces the motorisation of agriculture. It features some 200 tractors, including a tractor from 1906 and the Schülter tractors made in 1970. A high street is reconstructed, featuring an old school, a blacksmith, a shoemaker and a toy shop.

The second exhibition, ‘100 years of life in the city’ opened in 2017 and grew from Fritz B. Busch’s private car museum in Wolfegg. The collection displays over 100 automobiles – from horse-drawn carriages and 1920s-30s limousines to smaller post-war cars such as the Isetta and Gogomobil. Typical twentieth-century German living rooms are reconstructed, as well as a row of shops. There are also some 10,000 smaller objects, such as dolls’ houses and household appliances

Automobile & Tractor Museum
Gebhardsweiler 1
88690 Uhldingen-Mühlhofen
+49 (0) 7556 - 928360