AMI – Print Workshop Museum

AMI is the largest museum of printing in Europe – 5,000 square metres. It opened in 2018, created as the idea of Jean-Paul Maury, the chief executive of one of France’s largest printing companies, and his wife Chantal. It aims to help people understand the past and also look at the future of communication and printing. As a working museum it has workshops where visitors can make paper, learn how to create marble effects, compose type and print. It has 150 machines on display, from the wooden printing of the age of Gutenberg through flat metal type to cylinder printing, offset lithography, photocomposition and the digital revolution. With such a large space, it is able to collect and display large printing machines that may not be seen in any other museum. As well as the technical parts of the museum, sections are devoted to book publishing, engraving and illustration.

AMI – Print Workshop Museum
AMI – atelier-musée de l'imprimerie
70, av. du Général Patton
45330 Malesherbes
+33 (0) 238 - 332267