Alimentarium, Food Museum

The Alimentarium, a Nestlé Foundation, is a museum established in 1985 in the former headquarters building of Nestle International in Vevey on the shore of Lake Geneva. For over 30 years already, the world's first-ever food-themed museum has been sharing a global and independent view of the many aspects of the human diet. Its multidisciplinary, cultural, historical, scientific and nutritional-focused approach and its bold and original programme of activities have established the Alimentarium as the world's lea,ding food-themed attraction.

Henri Nestlé (1814-90) began to produce baby food which combined milk with cereal at Vevey in 1867, and his company subsequently manufactured foods of many kinds all over the world. From 1929 the company became involved in the manufacture of chocolate, taking over Peter, Cailler & Kohler, a company whose founders included Daniel Peter (1836-1919), who also worked in Vevey, pioneered the production of milk chocolate from 1875.

Alimentarium, Food Museum
Alimentarium, Musee d’alimentation
Quay Perdonnet, CP 13
1800 Vevey
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