Air Passion Aviation Museum

Located in a large hangar, the museum is the second largest aircraft museum in France, with more than 180 aircraft: approximately forty on permanent display and more in temporary exhibitions. The main collection includes the first aircraft to be flown in Anjou, by René Gasnier in 1908, Henri Mignet’s Pou de Piel (1933), and the Gérin V6E Varivol (1936). Liaison aircrafts used during the Second World War and training planes of the 1960s are also on display. Visitors can sit in the cockpits of many aircraft. Archaeological collections include remains excavated and preserved from crash sites.

Since opening in 1981, the museum staff and volunteers have been dedicated to conservation and maintenance. Nearly twenty planes and gliders are kept in working order. Visitors can watch maintenance being carried out in the museum’s workshops. Guides are available in English, German, Dutch and Italian, and visits can be adapted for young adults and children.

Air Passion Aviation Museum
Espace Air Passion
Angers Loire Aéroport
49140 Marcé
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