Aberdeen Maritime Museum

The port city in the north-east of Scotland, situated at the mouths of the rivers Dee and Don, is nicknamed Granite City because most of the older buildings in the city centre were built with granite from the surrounding mountains. In 1969 the first British oil field off the east coast of Scotland was developed - in 2003 more than 120 oil and gas fields were in production. Aberdeen developed into the main supply centre for offshore platforms. Production companies and suppliers turned the port metropolis into Europe's oil capital.

The Aberdeen Maritime Museum tells the story of the city's long relationship with the sea. It houses a unique collection on shipbuilding, fishing and port history. It is also the only museum in the UK dedicated to the oil and gas industry. The highlight of the exhibition is the true-to-scale and detailed reproduction of the Murchison oil drilling platform.

Aberdeen Maritime Museum
AB11 5BY Aberdeen
United Kingdom
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