Åre Funicular

The Åre Bergbana is a funicular that connects the town centre to Hotel Fjällgården. It opened in 1910 as part of a project to make Åre a popular winter sports resort. The engineer was Carl Olof Rahm. The counterbalanced cars run on a single track with a passing loop, powered by an electric motor at the top. The funicular travels for 790 m and rises 158 m, leaving visitors at an altitude of 556 m. There are station buildings at both ends of the line, built of timber in traditional style with roofs to protect the platforms from snow. In the upper station a small museum which opened in 2013 traces Åre’s evolution from farming village to tourist destination. A second track was planned from the hotel to Mörvikshummeln, 865 m above sea level, but it was not completed. The funicular is open year-round and is included in the Skistars lift pass system.

Åre Funicular
Åre Bergbana
Årevägen 84
83752 Åre
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