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European Themeroute | Xtra: Company Museums and Factory Tours

In this section you will find all the sites of our database, which are part of a company that is still active today, from the Fagus factory world heritage site in Alfeld on Leine (Germany) to the shoemuseum of Clarks in the small market town Street in Somerset, England.With this, ERIH is striking the ... more

Icon: Xtra: Company Museums and Factory ToursLiving Industry. Company Museums and Factory Tours

In this section you will find all the sites of our database, which are part of a company that is still active today, from the Fagus factory world heritage site in Alfeld on Leine (Germany) to the shoemuseum of Clarks in the small market town Street in Somerset, England.

With this, ERIH is striking the arches of abandoned industrial monuments to the manufacturing industry and shows that "industrial culture" does not only mean the past, but also encompasses the present and the future of industry.

Prague 4 | Czech Republic
The sparkling white water palace on the right bank of the River Vltava at Podoli is one of the most striking architectural affirmations in Europe of the benefits that a city derives from a supply of clean drinking water. The first waterworks in the area was built from 1882 for Vinohrady which until ...

Prague Waterworks Museum
Muzeum Pražského Vodárenstvi
Podolská 15/17
14700 Prague, Czech Republic

Copenhagen | Denmark
DieselHouse celebrates and explains the role of the diesel engine, particularly the marine diesel engine, during more than a century of development. It also commemorates the work of the outstanding Danish engineering firm Burmeister & Wain, dating from 1843, which gained the Danish rights for the ...

Diesel House
Teglholmsgade 4
DK 2450 Copenhagen, Denmark

Beer is not simply beer. The huge visitor centre in the historic Carlsberg Brewery covers an area of around 10,000 square metres and as such seems to be a complete brewery universe. Today more than 500 different beers are linked with the name Carlsberg. A tour of the museum leads you through the ...

Visit Carlsberg / Carlsberg Visitors Centre
Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11
1799 Copenhagen, Denmark

Vaernla Küla | Estonia
Hiiumaa is the second largest of the Estonian islands in the Baltic and has a complex political history. When part of the USSR it was a restricted area, but a local industrial combine was able to establish a wool manufacturing enterprise in the 1950s using wool from the distinctive breed of sheep ...

Vaemla Village Wool Museum
Vaemla villavabrik EHK ettevote Hiiu Vill
92101 Vaemla Küla, Estonia

The Sunila pulpmill at Kotka of 1937-8 was designed by the great Finnish architect Alvar Aalto (1888-1976) and is one of the most notable 20th century industrial buildings in Europe. It remains in production and parties can visit the premises by arrangement.Adjacent to it is a large residential area ...

Sunila Pulpmill and Residential Area
Alvar Aallon katu
Kotka, Finland

Verla (Jaala) | Finland
The mechanical pulp mill at Verla was founded in the 1870s by Hugo Neuman, a Finnish-born civil engineer who had worked in Zurich. The first mill buildings were destroyed by fire in 1892, but were replaced by richly-ornamented brick structures, a mill, a cardboard factory and drying sheds, designed ...

Verla Mill Museum
Verlan tehdasmuseo
Verlantie 295
47850 Verla, Finland

Blagnac | France
The airfield at Toulouse-Blagnac is the headquarters of the Airbus Corporation. The first Concorde supersonic airliner took off from its runway in 1969, and the innovative Caravelle short-distance airliner was built there in the 1950s. The foundation stone of the Musée Aeroscopia was laid in 2011 ...

Musée Aeroscopia
1 Allée AndréTurcat
31700 Blagnac, France

Creil | France
The nailworks at Creil in the département of l’Oise was established in 1888 by Théodor Rivierre (d 1900). By 1914 it had some 400 employees, but there were only just over a hundred in the 1960s. It continues to operate in its original buildings. It is now the last of its kind in France and was ...

The Rivierre Nailworks
La Clouterie Rivierre
6 Rue des Usines
60100 Creil, France

La Richardais | France
The pioneering Rance tidal power station near La Richardais is located on the estuary of the River Rance between Dinard and St Malo in Britanny. Construction began in July 1963 and it opened in November 1966. The dam, 163 m long, includes a lock measuring 65m X 13m which allows 20,000 vessels per ...

Rance tidal power station
Espace découvert EDF
Barrage de la Rance
35780 La Richardais, France

Laguiole | France
Laguiole liegt auf der Hochebene des Aubrac, einer Landschaft im südwestlichen Zentralmassiv, und ist aufgrund seines Messers für viele ein Begriff. Ein Messerschmied von Laguiole entwickelte das Laguiole-Messer 1829 nach dem Muster des Navaja, des traditionellen spanischen Taschenmessers. Es war ...

Museum of Laguiole's Knife
Musée du couteau Laguiole
Rue Aubrac
12210 Laguiole, France

Laval, 80 km east of Rennes and capital of the département of Mayenne, is the headquarters of Lactalis, now reckoned to be the world’s largest dairy company. The business was established on 19 October 1933 by André Besnier (1894-1955) and in its first week his employees made 17 Camenbert cheeses ...

La Cité du Lait. Lactopole
18 Rue Adolphe Beck
53000 Laval, France

Mulhouse | France
Electropolis, located in a ‘city of museums’, is claimed to be the most important museum of electric power in Europe, and is sponsored by EDF SA (i.e. Electricite de France), the principal French power generating and distribution company that has subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The ...

EDF Electropolis
Musee EDF Electropolis
Rue de Paturage 555
68200 Mulhouse, France

Passavant-la-Rochère | France
The small village of Passavant-la-Rochère, in the department of Haute-Saône, is the most northerly community in France-Comté, and has a long history of industrial activity. Its population, now less than 700, has declined from a peak of 1,805 in 1851. The glass works in the village was set up in 1475 ...

La Rochère Glass Works
Verrerie La Rochère
Rue de la Verrerie
70210 Passavant-la-Rochère, France

Saint Barthélemy d'Anjou | France
Adolphe and Edouard-Jean Cointreau founded a distillery at Angers in 1849, making liqueurs from local fruits. In 1875 they began to sell a liqueur made to a formula they had devised, blending sweet and bitter orange peels with pure alcohol derived from sugar beet. The liqueur proved popular and ...

Cointreau Museum
Carré Cointreau
2 Boulevard des Bretonnières
49124 Saint Barthélemy d'Anjou, France

The museum at Sochaux stands alongside the huge car plant of PSA Peugeot-Citroën, the largest in France. It tells the complex story of the development of the family business since the brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Frédédic Peugeot adapted an old corn mill as a foundry and forge in 1810. The foundry ...

The Peugeot Experience Museum
Musée de l’Aventure Peugeot
Carrefour de l’Europe
25600 Sochaux, France

St-Jean-de-Maurienne | France
Die Geschichte des Opinel-Messers beginnt Ende des 18. Jahrhunderts in einer kleinen Schmiede bei St.-Jean-de-Maurienne in den französischen Alpen. 1890 entwickelte der Enkel des Firmengründers, Joseph Opinel, das Opinel-Taschenmesser. Im Ersten Weltkrieg wurde die Fertigung in eine ehemalige ...

Opinel Museum
Musée Opinel
25 rue Jean Jaurès
73300 St-Jean-de-Maurienne, France

Wingen-sur-Moder | France
Wingen-sur-Moder is a small town between Strasbourg and Sarreguemines in Alsace, which was the site of the Hochberg glassworks between 1715 and 1868. Glass-making was revitalised in the twentieth century by René Lalique (1860-1945), who was born in the Champagne region and apprenticed in Paris, ...

Musée Lalique
40 Rue de Hochberg
67290 Wingen-sur-Moder, France

Alpirsbach is a small town in the Black Forest, on the Kinzig river, 13 km south of Freudenstadt. The town is famous for its timber-framed houses, some of them extending to six storeys, for a monastery, and for its brewery that produces the celebrated Klosterbräu beer. There is also a brewery ...

Alpirsbacher Brauwelt Brauereimuseum
Alpirsbacher Brauwelt Marketing GmbH Brauereimuseum 1 Marktplatz 72275 Alpirsbach Germany +49 (0) 7444 67149 www.apirsbacher-brauwelt.de brauwelt@alpirrsbacher.de
1 Marktplatz
72275 Alpirsbach, Germany

Bayreuth | Germany
This museum in located in a nineteenth century brewery where it looks as if the employees have just gone home at the end of their day’s work. Displays extend through twenty rooms in what is claimed to be the world’s most comprehensive beer museum. Visitors can follow the manufacture of beer from raw ...

The Maisels Beer Experience
Maisels Bier-Erlebnis-Welt
Kulmbacher Strasse 40
95445 Bayreuth, Germany

Friedrichshafen | Germany
Friedrichshafen on shore of the Bodensee (Lake Constance) is best-known in industrial history as the manufacturing and operating base for the airships built by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin (1838-1917), but it was also the home of another of Germany’s principal aircraft manufacturing companies, ...

Dornier Museum
Claude-Dornier-Platz 1
88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany

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