2 Wheels Museum

The museum opened in 2021 inside the national velodrome, Centro de Alto Rendimento. It uses the circular space beneath the cycleway. Its subject is the national and worldwide history of motorcycles and bicycles. Portugal has a long history of manufacturing bicycles and now produces more than any other country in Europe. It is a significant part of the economy of the Anadia region. Numerous motorcycle manufacturers have existed in Portgual including AJP, Casal and Famel. The collections are stylishly laid out on the circular route. Bicycles and motorcycles are placed against panels, videos and imagery. The origins of the bicycle are represented with 19th-century examples of a velocipede, tricycles and bone-shakers. There is a strong emphasis on the history of racing, with many shirts signed by the stars of the sport, but uses of bicycles for transport and leisure are also represented. Numerous motorcycle manufacturers are displayed. Parts and accessories mark the history of cycling and motorcycling locally, regionally and nationally.  

2 Wheels Museum
Museu 2 Rodas
Rua Ivo Neves
3780-524 Sangalhos
+351 (0) 231 - 519780