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Regional route HollandRoute | Netherlands

The port of Amsterdam for a long period of time, suffered the problem that the sea was only accessible via the Zuiderzee, now called The IJsselmeer. A decision was made to develop the Noordhollands Canal. This canal connects Den Helder with Amsterdam and seemed to be the solution to the problem. The size ... more


The port of Amsterdam for a long period of time, suffered the problem that the sea was only accessible via the Zuiderzee, now called The IJsselmeer. A decision was made to develop the Noordhollands Canal. This canal connects Den Helder with Amsterdam and seemed to be the solution to the problem. The size of ships increased more then foreseen and the Noordhollands Canal soon appeared to be too narrow. The idea to dig a canal right through the dunes to make a short connection to the sea, showed to be the best solution for the long term. Diggers started their work in 1865. At November  1st 1886 the North See Canal was opened.

The opening of the North Sea Canal and the ongoing mechanisation, made the industries in the region develope prosperously. The foodindustry at the sides of the river Zaan grow out to be the Supplychamber of The Netherlands. Hulling works, bread-and biscuitfactories, (tin) canfactories, chocolatefactories formed an important part of the economy. Other important economic players were shipbuilding industry (NDSM), machine-factories (Stork-Werkspoor), and the diamondindustry.

Also of main importance for the industrial development was the Stelling van Amsterdam, a ring of defence around the Dutch capitol Amsterdam. In case of military threat, the region around Amsterdam could be flooded with water. The ring of defence was surrounded width dikes and fortresses. The citizens within the Stelling van Amsterdam had to be provisioned from the own region with food, materials and ammunition. Nearby Zaandam a large ammunitionfactory was established alongside the North Sea Canal, the Hembrugterrein.

From both the foodindustry and the Stelling van Amsterdam a large amount of buildings have remained. HollandRoute-Amsterdam/IJmond brings them all together and discloses them to the public. Factories, warehouses, mills, fortresses locks, canals, worker-housings and all that belongs to it can be found at this route. Three ERIH-anchorpoints are part of this regional route: Zaanse Schans, Heineken Experience and Pumping station The Cruquius.

Zaanse Schans is a quite wellknown location in Holland and abroad. Here, a magnificent view is given on the industrial development from before the steam-era. Especially mills and early mechanisation is to be exposed. Zaanse schans is not a museum: it is an area where people work and live, and that is freely accessible to the public.

Heineken Experience is more than the former brewery of the worldfamous trademark of beer. There is a lot to see that is connected to the process of brewing beer and the presentation of all that may be called an experience without any doubt. Visitors under the age of 18 may only enter Heineken Experience when accompanied by an adult. The brewery was build in 1867. The maltsilo’s, brewing-kettles and lagering-rooms are accessible to the public.

To empty the lake called Haarlemmermeer, three pumping stations were built: Leeghwater, Lynden and Cruquius. The Cruquius-pumping station remained exactly like the way it was build between 1846-1849. Most impressive is the steamengine with the largest cilinder in the world: it’s diameter measures almost 3,5 meters. The pumping station is housed in a beautifull building in neo-gothical style. Inside the buidling an exhibition tells the story about emptying the lake Haarlemmermeer, and the creation of the Haarlemmermeer-polder. 


ERIH Anchor Points

Amsterdam | Netherlands
Four huge copper silos stand side by side in the hall. Until 1988 this was the heart of the famous old Heineken brewery in Amsterdam. Now the world famous firm is using its historic building to present a highly modern interactive exhibition on itself and its products called “The Heineken ...

Heineken Experience - Heineken Brewery
Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Haarlemmermeer | Netherlands
King William I of the Netherlands had a choice between 240 windmills or three coastal pumping stations. He could not afford to waste time because every year violent storms beat against the banks of the Haarlemmermeer. In 1836 the ever growing lake even threatened to flood Amsterdam. So two years ...

Cruquius Museum
Haarlemmermeermuseum De Cruquius
Cruquiusdijk 27
2142 ER Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands

Medemblik | Netherlands
This place in the north of Holland is a twin milestone in Dutch industrial history. On the one hand it displays a huge number of original steam engines used in shipping and industry, most of which have been preserved thanks to the farsightedness of a private collector named Cees P. Jongert. On the ...

Netherlands Steam Machine Museum
Nederlands Stoommachinemuseum
Oosterdijk 4
1671 HJ Medemblik, Netherlands

Zaandam | Netherlands
Creaking windmills, little wooden houses with green facades, hump-backed bridges, brand-new clogs, row and rows of cheese blocks. And water wherever you look. Zaanse Schans could come straight out of a picture book of Holland in the 17th and 18th century. Time seems to have stopped still here. The ...

Zaanse Schans
Schansend 1
1509 AW Zaandam, Netherlands


Amsterdam | Netherlands
The former NDSM-shipyard was once a place where huge ships where built. Nowadays it is a cultural domain in development. Mostly companies in the creative business are establishing there. Among them is MTV. But also theathergroups have a place at the former yard and (dance) events are organised ...

tt Neveritaweg 15
1030 BH Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam | Netherlands
The Westergasfabriek is a former gasfactory in the center of Amsterdam. The complex is most popular by trendy young public. Regular (music)events are held there because of it´s central location. Between 1883 and 1904 the Imperial Continental Gaz Association gave an assignment to build the ...

Haarlemmerweg 8-10
1014 BE Amsterdam, Netherlands

Haarlem | Netherlands
In the monumental buildings dance-events and fashionshows as well as (business)fairs are organised. EBH, also knows as The Lichtfabriek is a popular place for trendy visitors. The in London residing multinational opererende Imperial Continental Gas Association (ICGA) opened a gasfactory in Haarlem ...

De Lichtfabriek
Minckelersweg 3
2031 EM Haarlem, Netherlands

Halfweg | Netherlands
The first sugarfactory at this location was started at 1863. It was closed after few years. Then the N.V. Suikerfabriek Holland opened. It became part of the Centrale Suiker Maatschappij, the Central Sugar Company. Part of the factory was the former headquarters of the watercouncil Rijnland. This ...

Sugar City
Haarlemmerstraatweg 22
1165 MJ Halfweg, Netherlands

Velsen-Noord | Netherlands
Tata Steel, formerly known as Hoogovens, is one of the main steelfactories in Europe. The complex is not accessible to the public. But for who admires the spectaclular scenery of heavy industry, this is a must-see. There are no facilities for the public. The complex can be viewed from different ...

Wenckebachstraat 1
1951 JZ Velsen-Noord, Netherlands

Wormer | Netherlands
The former Hulling Works in Wormer are worth a visit for all who is interessed in industrial development at the beginning of the twentiest century. From the middle of the 19th century most hullingworks were erected. Before that time rice was imported but it was neccesairy to be polished because ...

Hulling works
Veerdijk 35-43
1531 MS Wormer, Netherlands

Zaandam | Netherlands
The Hembrugterrein is a former industrial and military complex. It measures about 45 ha and housed the socalled Artillerie Inrichtingen, where new armouries and weapons were developed and tested. The complex is situated in the heart of the Stelling van Amsterdam, a permanent ring of defence around ...

Hemkade 2
1506 PR Zaandam, Netherlands

Zaandam | Netherlands
In the Zaan-area, more precise in Wormer and Jisp, already in the 17th century biscuit was produced as food for crew on the many ships that sailed from Holland. By baking the product twice, all water is distracted from it. As a result of it, the product stays eadible over a long period of time. The ...

Westzijde 103
1506 EJ Zaandam, Netherlands