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Hereford | United Kingdom
During the First World War, after the establishment in 1915 of the Ministry of Munitions under the direction of David Lloyd George (1863-1945), the British government built some 240 ‘National Factories’ for the manufacture of munitions, of which more than 20 were for the filling shells and other ...

Rotherwas Royal Ordnance Factory
Filling Factory No 4
The Straight Mile
Hereford, United Kingdom

Hereford | United Kingdom
Nowadays we take the purity of tap water for granted. Yet less than 150 years ago this was the exception rather than the rule, and polluted water supplies were often the cause of disease. Life expectancy was only about 30 years in 1800; by 1900 it had risen to 50. The installation of piped, ...

The Waterworks Museum Hereford
Broomy Hill
WR4 0LQ Hereford, United Kingdom

Holywood | United Kingdom
The museum originated as a traditional open air museum following the pattern of Skansen, portraying chiefly the social life of the northern counties of Ireland in the early twentieth century. It was established in 1958 and opened in 1964 as the Ulster Folk Museum at Cultra Manor, 8 km north-east of ...

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum
BT18 0EU Holywood, United Kingdom

Houghton | United Kingdom
One of the largest timber-built water mills in Europe, Houghton Mill is open to the public for the main tourist season and welcomes around 14,000 visitors a year. There are 3 floors of information and interactive exhibits relating to the milling process and social history of milling. Visitors can ...

Houghton Mill
Mill Street
PE28 2AZ Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Huddersfield | United Kingdom
The tunnel at Standedge beneath the Pennines on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is 194 m below ground level at its deepest point, and is 4951 m long, the longest in Britain. The engineer for the canal was Benjamin Outram (1764-1805), but it was completed, after his death, with advice from Thomas ...

Standedge Tunnel & Visitor Centre
Waters Road Marsden
HD7 6NQ Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Keith | United Kingdom
The Strathisla Distillery comprises one of the most elegant groups of buildings in the Scotch whisky industry. The distillery is the oldest in the Speyside region, having been founded in 1786 by Alexander Milne and George Taylor. It has been known by several different names and was called the Milton ...

Strathisla Distillery
Seafield Avenue
AB55 5BS Keith, United Kingdom

Keswick | United Kingdom
Nestling between the peaks at the head of the Honister Pass in the Lake District, the Buttermere and Westmorland Green Slate Company Limited is England´s only Slate Mine. Unlike slate taken from quarries, our Westmorland Green Slate is wholly extracted from beneath the hills - from eleven ...

Honister Slate Mine
Honister Pass Borrowdale
CA12 5XN Keswick, United Kingdom

Kettering | United Kingdom
Kettering grew from a market town with a population of just over 5000 in 1851 to a major centre of shoe manufacturing with nearly 29000 inhabitants in 1901. In the years of its most rapid expansion between 1870 and 1900 about 2000 houses were built with small workshops for shoemaking mostly at the ...

Manor House Museum
The Coach House
Sheep Street
NN16 0AN Kettering, United Kingdom

Kidderminster | United Kingdom
The Drakelow Tunnels formed one of the many underground factories established in Europe during the Second War to avoid attack by bombers. It was excavated in the soft sandstone of the Severn Valley north of Kidderminster in an area where there are many remains of cave dwellings some of which were ...

Drakelow Tunnels
Kingsford Lane Kingsford Country Park
DY11 5SA Kidderminster, United Kingdom

Kidderminster | United Kingdom
This journey into the industrial past is a good 25 km long and leads through the heart of England. The Severn Valley Railway operates almost throughout the year with a huge variety of historic steam trains. It links mediaeval Bridgnorth –in the shadow of Pisa-like leaning tower – with Kidderminster, ...

Severn Valley Railway
Comberton Hill
DY10 1QX Kidderminster, United Kingdom

Kidwelly | United Kingdom
The greatest concentration of tinplate works in Britain was in the western part of the South Wales Coalfield. Hand-worked tinplate mills closed quickly after the Second World War with the establishment of large mechanised mills, and the museum at Kidwelly is one of the few places where the ...

Kidwelly Industrial Museum
SY17 4LW Kidwelly, United Kingdom

Kingswinford | United Kingdom
Broadfield Glass Museum houses one of the finest collections of glass in the country, and here you can still see craftspeople demonstrate their skills in the museum’s hot glass studio. The collection concentrates on the products of the local glass making industry, whilst the nearby Red House Glass ...

Broadfield House Glass Museum
Compton Drive
DY6 9NS Kingswinford, United Kingdom

Lancaster | United Kingdom
Located within two fine Georgian quayside buildings. Uses sounds, smells and reconstructions to tell the story of the port of Lancaster, the Lancaster Canal, fishing and the ecology of Morecambe Bay. The Maritime Museum was opened in 1985. It occupies the former Custom House of 1764 by Richard ...

Lancaster Maritime Museum
Custom House St. George’s Quay
LA1 1RB Lancaster, United Kingdom

Leeds | United Kingdom
The huge building with Art Deco detailing built by Montague Burton in Leeds in 1934 shows the extent to which the making of garments had become, over the previous 60 years, a factory-based activity rather than the work of individual tailors. It is also evidence of the ‘retailing revolution’ of the ...

Burton Factory
Arcadia Group plc
Hudson Road
LS9 7DU Leeds, United Kingdom

Leeds | United Kingdom
Leeds is well-known as the commercial centre of the Yorkshire woollen industry, and as the location of many woollen mills. It was also the principal flax-spinning town in England, and its mechanical engineering, tailoring, printing and leather industries were also of major importance.The city’s ...

Leeds Industrial Museum
Armley Mill
Canal Road
LS12 2QF Leeds, United Kingdom

Leeds | United Kingdom
The Royal Armouries at the Tower of London accumulated one of Europe’s largest collections of arms and armour, and is generally regarded as England’s oldest museum. A large part of the collection has been transferred to a purpose-built museum designed by Derek Walker and Buro Appold at Clarence Dock ...

Royal Armouries Museum
Armouries Drive
LS10 1LT Leeds, United Kingdom

Leeds | United Kingdom
John Marshall (1765-1845) was the pioneer of the flax industry in the Industrial Revolution period, and Temple Mill in Leeds is his most impressive memorial. After entering his father’s modest linen business in Leeds he acquired a taste for entrepreneurship, developing flax spinning technology ...

Temple Mill
Holbeck Urban Village Leonardo Building
2 Rossington Street
LS2 8HD Leeds, United Kingdom

Leicester | United Kingdom
Leicester’s industrial museum is situated in a sewage pumping station of 1891 on the north side of the city, where the original engines, four 200 hp beam engines on the Woolf compound system, built by Gimson & Co, can be demonstrated. The museum includes displays relating to public health, and the ...

Leicester Industrial Museum
Abbey Pumping Station
Corporation Road, Abbey Lane
LE4 5PX Leicester, United Kingdom

Leicester | United Kingdom
The collection of artefacts at the museum in Leicester is one of the largest and most important in Europe relating to the manufacture, distribution and domestic uses of gas. The museum was established by the nationalised gas corporation in 1977 at a time of great change in the industry, when coal ...

National Gas Museum
National Gas Museum Trust
PO Box 28 195 Aylestone Road
LE2 7QH Leicester, United Kingdom

Leighton Buzzard | United Kingdom
Sand is a universal building material throughout Europe but particularly pure deposits of sand, such as those around Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, are a valuable mineral resource, used in glassworks, foundries and other manufacturing concerns. Much of the sand used by British industry before ...

Leighton Buzzard Railway
Page’s Park Station
Billington Road
LU7 4NT Leighton Buzzard, United Kingdom

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