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Regional route Moravian-Silesian Technical Trail | Czech Republic

The Moravian-Silesian Region is located in the north-east of the Czech Republic, in the border triangle between Poland and Slovakia. With more than 1.2 million inhabitants, it has the highest population density of any Czech region. The region is rich in mineral resources, especially coal and natural gas, ... more

Moravian-Silesian Technical Trail | TECHNOTRASA

The Moravian-Silesian Region is located in the north-east of the Czech Republic, in the border triangle between Poland and Slovakia. With more than 1.2 million inhabitants, it has the highest population density of any Czech region. The region is rich in mineral resources, especially coal and natural gas, but also other raw materials such as limestone, granite, marble, slate, gypsum, gravel, sand and brick clay.

Minerals have been mined in the region since the Middle Ages. Initially, precious metals were mined, then iron ore, and since the beginning of industrialisation, coal has been the most important raw material mined.

Industrialisation began in the 19th century, when the territory of the present-day Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Moravian-Silesian region developed at that time and is still one of the most important industrial regions in Central Europe.

At its core is the Ostrava-Karviná industrial and mining basin, whose industrial development was linked to the exploitation of local mineral resources, especially high-quality coking coal, and the subsequent development of heavy industrial iron and steel production and metallurgy.

Today, industrial production is no longer focused exclusively on heavy industry. The region is also oriented towards high technology, especially in the fields of information technology, electronics, electrical engineering and car manufacturing.

TECHNOTRASA - Moravian-Silesian Technical Trail
With the project 'TECHNOTRASA - surová krása' ('Technical Route - Rough Beauty'), the 'Moravian-Silesian Tourism' presents the evidence of the rich industrial and technical history of the region as tourist destinations. The virtual route leads to more than 30 technical objects connected with the tradition of mining, metallurgy, railway transport and the automotive industry, but also with fire brigade, brewery, military and agricultural history. The network includes not only the monuments from the time of the Industrial Revolution, but also work and production sites from other eras. It thus offers a varied picture of the heritage from the world of work that is so typical of the region.

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ERIH Anchor Points

Ostrava | Czech Republic

Not even 20 years ago Ostrava was called the ...

Dolní Vítkovice
Dolní oblast VÍTKOVICE, z.s.
Vítkovice 3004
703 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ostrava-Michálkovice | Czech Republic

One might almost imagine that the smell of soap ...

Michal Mine
Důl Michal
Československè armády 95/413
715 00 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Member Sites ERIH Association

Bartošovice | Czech Republic

Water mill in Odry Region was first mentioned ...

Bartošovice Mill – Mill in Motion
Bartošovický mlýn
Bartošovice 208
74254 Bartošovice, Czech Republic

Kopřivnice | Czech Republic

The Tatra Truck Museum houses in the ...

Tatra Truck Museum
Muzeum nákladních automobilů Tatra
Husova 1326/13
74221 Kopřivnice, Czech Republic

Nošovice | Czech Republic

Since 1970, bitter beer has been brewed in ...

Radegast Brewery
Pivovar Radegast
Nošovice 238
73951 Nošovice, Czech Republic

Nový Jičín | Czech Republic

You can try out around 300 different head ...

Nový Jičín – Town of Hats Visitor Centre
Návštěvnické centrum Nový Jičín - město klobouků
Masarykovo náměstí 45
74101 Nový Jičín, Czech Republic

Odry | Czech Republic

The Flaschar’s Mine historic mine works date ...

Flaschar’s mine
Flascharův důl
74235 Odry, Czech Republic

Ostrava | Czech Republic

The mining museum situated in Landek Park ...

Mining Museum in Landek Park
Hornické muzeum
Pod Landekem 64
725 29 Ostrava, Czech Republic


Bílovec | Czech Republic

There used to be several mills in the vicinity ...

Nové Dvory Windmill
Mlýn, který putoval krajinou
Zámecká 691/5
74301 Bílovec, Czech Republic

Budišov nad Budišovkou | Czech Republic

An exhibition on the history and present of ...

Slate Museum
Muzeum Břidlice
Na mlýnské strouze 230
74787 Budišov nad Budišovkou, Czech Republic

Hradec nad Moravicí | Czech Republic

The Weisshuhn Canal was built in 1889-91 to ...

Weisshuhn Canal
Kanál Carla Weisshuhna
Podolská 308
74741 Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic

Kopřivnice | Czech Republic

Kopřivnice in eastern Moravia is the site of ...

Tatra Technical Museum
Technickŏ Muzeum Tatra
Záhumenni 367/1
74221 Kopřivnice, Czech Republic

Leskovec nad Moravicí | Czech Republic

Slezská Harta is an artificial 8.7 sq km ...

Slezská Harta Reservoir
Leskovec nad Moravicí 204
79368 Leskovec nad Moravicí, Czech Republic

Litultovice | Czech Republic

Discover magic of this unique windmill dated ...

Choltice Windmill
Choltický větřák
Litultovice 1
74755 Litultovice, Czech Republic

Odry | Czech Republic

The water mill, which was already built in the ...

Wesselsky Watermill
Vodní mlýn Wesselsky
Loučky 151
74235 Odry, Czech Republic

Ostrava | Czech Republic

The museum set up in the Ostrava-střed railway ...

Moravian-Silesian Railway Museum
Železniční muzeum Moravskoslezské
Frýdlantská 499/5
70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ostrava | Czech Republic

Opened in 2005, the museum is housed in the ...

Museum of Firefigthting
Hasičské muzeum města Ostravy
Zákrejsova 53/3
70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Ostrava | Czech Republic

As a branch of the National Agricultural ...

Museum of Food and Agricultural Machinery
Muzeum potravin a zemědělských strojů
Vítkovice 3033
70300 Ostrava, Czech Republic

Rýmařov | Czech Republic

In the building of the manufacturing textile ...

Hedva Czech Brocade Exposition
Expozice Hedva Český brokát
Opavská 463/23
79501 Rýmařov, Czech Republic

Studénka | Czech Republic

In the years 1900 to 2001, rail vehicles were ...

Wagon Museum
Vagonářské muzeum
Panská 229
74213 Studénka, Czech Republic

Třemešná | Czech Republic

The railway line from Třemešná to Osoblaha was ...

Narrow-gauge Railway Třemešná - Osoblaha
Osoblažsko úzkokolejka
Třemešná 298
79382 Třemešná, Czech Republic

Vítkov | Czech Republic

Slate was mined in the Raab adit in Zálužná ...

Raab Adit
Břidlicové podzemí Raabova štola
Zálužné 42
74901 Vítkov, Czech Republic