History is always made by people. Of course, this also applies to the age of the industrial revolution. Industrial history is also not only told through architectural evidence such as mines, production plants or workers' settlements. Just as important are the people of both sexes: inventors, entrepreneurs, financiers and above all the workers.

In the following, we present more than 270 biographies of selected personalities who have influenced the industrial history of Europe, their countries, regions, cities or a branch of industry ...

Nicolás María de Urgoiti y Achúcarro (1869–1951)

Nicolás María de Urgoiti y Achúcarro was a leader of the Spanish paper manufacturing industry who became an important figure in ...


Juan Urrutia Zulueta (1888–1925)

Juan Urrutia Zulueta was a Basque engineer who became a major figure in hydroelectric power in Spain and contributed to the development of ...