History is always made by people. This, of course, equally holds true for the age of the Industrial Revolution.
For this reason ERIH does not confine itself to simply presenting inventions and factories, but also inventors and architects of both sexes. We want to tell stories about the Industrial Revolution because it is so near to us. Near, because it has shaped our lives more than any other age in history. Not only that; our memories are still fresh and, for this reason, the stories are so exciting and authentic.

Following we present a selection of personalities who influenced the European industrial history.

Giovanni Sacchi (1913 – 98)

Giovanni Sacchi was a maker of wooden models whose work had a profound influence on the design of ...


Anghel Saligny (1854 – 1925)

Anghel Saligny was one of the most distinguished civil engineers in Europe in the late nineteenth ...


Sir Titus Salt (1803 – 1876)

Sir Titus Salt was one of the most eminent entrepreneurs in Victorian Britain, and left a lasting ...


Sir Bernhard Samuelson (1820 – 1905)

Bernhard Samuelson promoted the international diffusion of technology in the iron and steel and ...


Joseph-Eugene Schneider (1803 – 75)

Joseph-Eugene Schneider (1803-75) and his brother Adolphe (1802-48), whose origins were at Bazeilles ...


Gösta Michael Serlachius (1876 – 1942)

Gösta Serlachius was one of the leading Finnish entrepreneurs of the first half of the 20th century, ...


Carl Wilhelm (Sir Charles William) von Siemens (1823 – 83)

Carl Wilhelm Siemens invented many industrial processes and held some 113 patents. He was also a ...


Werner von Siemens (1816 – 92)

Siemens was the imaginative founder of an electrical company that came to be the largest in Germany, ...


Emil Škoda (1839 – 1900)

Emil Skoda was one of the engineers who laid the foundations for the prosperity of heavy industry in ...


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