History is always made by people. This, of course, equally holds true for the age of the Industrial Revolution.
For this reason ERIH does not confine itself to simply presenting inventions and factories, but also inventors and architects of both sexes. We want to tell stories about the Industrial Revolution because it is so near to us. Near, because it has shaped our lives more than any other age in history. Not only that; our memories are still fresh and, for this reason, the stories are so exciting and authentic.

Following we present 187 biographies of selected personalities who influenced Europe's industrial history.

Giovanni Agnelli (1921 – 2003)

Giovanni Agnelli inherited control of Italy’s largest motor manufacturing company at the age of 45 ...


Portrait of Sir John Aird

Sir John Aird (1833 – 1911)

Sir John Aird was the head of an engineering and building company that carried out numerous ...


Reinhold Rücker Angerstein (1718 – 60)

Reinhold Rücker Angerstein was the most talented of the representatives of the Swedish Ironmasters` ...


Sir Richard Arkwright (1732 – 92)

Sir Richard Arkwright transformed the cotton industry throughout Europe. He was born at Preston, and ...


Giorgio Armani (1934)

The career of Giorgio Armani exemplifies the power of brands in 20th- and 21st-century industry, and ...


Sir William George Armstrong (1810 – 1900)

William Armstrong was the principal innovator in the use of hydraulic power, which in his lifetime ...


Paul Arzens (1903 – 90)

Paul Arzens was one of the foremost European industrial designers of the 20th century. He spent ...


Laura Ashley (1925 – 85)

Laura Ashley (nee Mountney) was one of the most successful British entrepreneurs of the second half ...


Joseph Aspdin (1778 – 1855)

Cement is one of the most important building materials of the past two centuries, used as mortar to ...


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