History is always made by people. This, of course, equally holds true for the age of the Industrial Revolution.
For this reason ERIH does not confine itself to simply presenting inventions and factories, but also inventors and architects of both sexes. We want to tell stories about the Industrial Revolution because it is so near to us. Near, because it has shaped our lives more than any other age in history. Not only that; our memories are still fresh and, for this reason, the stories are so exciting and authentic.

Following we present a selection of personalities who influenced the European industrial history.

Jean-Baptiste Andre Godin (1817 – 88)

Jean-Baptiste Godin was a successful entrepreneur whose name is familiar to every Frenchman as a ...


Ernö Goldfinger (1902 – 87)

Erno Goldfinger was one of the pioneers of the modern movement in architect. His career spanned ...


Karl Gölsdorf (1861 – 1916)

Karl Gölsdorf was an outstanding locomotive engineer, and the son of a locomotive engineer, Louis ...


Eusebi Güell (1846 – 1918)

Eusebi Guell was a Catalan textile entrepreneur, best known as a patron of the architect Antoni ...


Joseph Gutteridge (1816 – 1899)

Joseph Gutteridge represents the tradition of educational self-help displayed by working men ...


Adolf Guyer-Zeller (1839 – 1899)

Adolf Guyer-Zeller was the son of Johann Rudolf Guyer (1803-76), one of the leading textile ...


Sir Robert Abbott Hadfield (1858 – 1940)

Sir Robert Hadfield was one of the most influential figures in the European steel industry in the ...


Richard Hartmann (1809 – 78)

Richard Hartmann was one of the leading figures in the engineering industry that flourished in ...


Caroline Haslett (1895 – 1957)

From humble origins Caroline Haslett became a powerful advocate for the benefits that electricity ...


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