On 1 May 2018 we ‚WORK it OUT‘: The ERIH-Event celebrating the European Year of Cultural Heritage

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Let‘s dance – the ERIH dance into May!

A fun, shared activity for ERIH-sites to celebrate the
European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

May 1st is celebrated internationally as Labour Day. ERIH is planning a special event to be held on Labour Day 2018 which will unite ERIH-sites all over Europe with a spectacular fun event for kids and teens. Children and young people are the future of industrial culture. On May 1st 2018 they will bring their vitality and ‘joie de vivre’ to ERIH-sites in many countries with an exciting, simultaneous music and dance performance.

Photos and videos from the sites will be posted on social media, instantly sharing and publicising the performances across Europe. The result will be the creation of a unique, lively, and unforgettable kaleidoscope of European industrial culture.

Let’s dance!


The "WORK it OUT"-music composed by Paul & Friends
The music is a new EDM-style composition (EDM – Electro Dance Music) mixing industrial sounds with variations on Beethoven’s ‚Ode to Joy‘. The song is 2.25 minutes long and can be played in a constant loop, if necessary. It is delivered as mp3-file, but you can also download it as a four-loop version.
Listen to the music
Download the documents, the music and the videos

The dance video

The choreography was created by the Groove Dance Studio. Watch this video performance of the whole dance.
Link dance video

The video tutorial to be disclosed to the dancers
In this video tutorial the steps and moves of the dance are showed in detail. The choreographer demonstrates every single step in front of a mirror and explains (in English) the accurate sequence, both without and with music.
Link video tutorial


This event will be about young people bringing former industrial sites to life, while at the same time, we hope, sparking their interest in their industrial roots. Industrial heritage has long been important for education and training and for sharing knowledge with the next generation. For this reason, the ERIH-event focuses on young people in particular, so that they can discover industrial culture, its importance in their past, its relevance to their present, and its potential for their future. Of course, everyone who wants to participate can do so.

The „Work it Out – Day of Industrial Culture“ will convey through music and dance, positivity, joy, energy, and movement.

Thus, 1st May, 2018 – Labour Day – becomes a Pan-European work-out performance.

The shared activities will turn the sites into „MEDIA ANCHORS“. At each location at 3 pm on May 1st, up to 100 students/pupils and volunteers of any age will perform a vibrant, co-ordinated „work-out dance“. They will wear workers caps bearing the event logo (provided by ERIH) and move together in formation. Gradually, we hope that visitors and bystanders will join in with the easy-to-follow choreography, so inviting everybody to participate. These coordinated, simultaneous performances will also symbolise and demonstrate the cohesion of Europe today.


ERIH sees the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 as a great opportunity to attract new groups to experience and enjoy industrial culture.

Celebrating a day of industrial culture together with a simultaneous danceperformance throughout Europe is sure to attract the attention of press/media. In each location the dance performance will be filmed and spread via social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Marketing tools will point to the ERIH-website which will list the participating sites and show films of the dances. The more ERIH-sites that take part in the event, the greater the public and media attention and the greater the profile for ERIH, the sites and industrial heritage.


Do you already cooperate with schools, dance groups, sports clubs etc. in your area? Ideal!

We will send you an information pack for use with those groups etc. Of course you are also free to involve other groups associated with your site (such as volunteers, employees, friends groups) and also other interest groups.

ERIH will provide you with a leaflet explaining the event to circulate to your contacts, and also detailed music and dance instructions by video. With this material we hope that by the end of January 2018 you will be successful in getting enthusiastic teachers and/or trainers to agree to participate in the event. Then they can start to rehearse the “Work it Out” dance with their students and participants and perform it on Labour Day (1st of May) 2018 at 3 pm.

We suggest that to increase the potential impact of the event, each site works out a programme of additional local activities, starting an hour or so in advance of the actual performance. This programme could be a mix of existing activities at the site and special activities organised for the event. These could include special guided tours, refreshments, presentations about the participating schools or clubs, information about ERIH, hands-on programmes for families, and so on. Some sites may already have plans for Labour Day, hopefully the ERIH-event can be coordinated with that. If you would like to discuss with us ideas for integrating other activities with the ERIH-event, please let us know.

The key visual and the event name „Work it Out – Day of Industrial Culture / May 1st, 2018“ will be used for all media in the run-up, at the participating sites, by the dance performers and for any PR activities. You will receive advertising material such as posters, banners, leaflets (as InDesign templates for adaptation or ready-to-print pdfs for your own production) and text modules for your own press releases with the key visual. Each Work Out performer/dancer will receive a cap with the action logo which they can keep as a souvenir of the event.


As well as finding the dancers for the performance at your site, we suggest to find young people who will be able to take videos, photos etc. and are familiar with social media and how to upload the material onto the various platforms right away.


To increase the available budget and the potential success of the event, it is suggested that sites attract sponsors willing to support the project financially or in kind, for example through the use of equipment or materials. Attracting media partners such as TV and print media will be particularly important as it will help to secure extensive and Europe-wide media coverage – an attractive reward for your engagement in the event.


• A suitable inside or outside space for the dance.
• Contact with schools, clubs, associations or any other group interested in taking part in the event.
• Trainer(s) willing to lead the rehearsals.
• A contact person at your site.
• Technical equipment e.g. a sound system for speech and music (a boom box and speakers might be sufficient), wireless internet, social media competence (including volunteers to record the performance).
• Press and media contacts
• and enthusiasm to participate!


We are aware that this event may require some financial and / or staff input from participating sites. However, the event has been designed such that it can be adapted to suit local resources and capacities. It can be big or small. It is up to you:
• How large the dance group is.
• What kind of programme is arranged during the day.
• How professional the technical equipment is.
• If volunteers are used for filming, documenting, organising etc.

TDM Agency and ERIH will provide support throughout the project.


January/February/March 2018:
Sites to contact participants and develop ideas for the programme at your site

February/March 2018:
Feedback to TDM Agency about participation in the dance and plans for the additional programme

15th March 2018:
Deadline for participation in "WORK it OUT"

Mid March 2018:
Press kit from TDM to contact the regional monthly and weekly news, broadcast media, daily newspapers

April 2018:
Distribution of advertising material: posters, flyers, announcements by social media

Second half of April:
Major rehearsals with dance groups, preparation of the event, instruction for filming and how to document the event

May 1st, 2018:
Programme to start at 2 pm, dance performance at all sites at 3 pm, continue day-programme, upload the movie clip to ERIH-server

TDM and ERIH will support you during the whole process. We will provide as much assistance as possible.

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WORK it Out – Day of Industrial Culture