ERIH Young Professionals (YP) is the official working group of volunteers, trainees, students, interns, postgraduates and young professionals in their first four years of employment.

This category of membership provides a platform for young ERIH members to share interests and challenges. We also want to encourage them to get involved in ERIH activities and to express their (young) perspectives in order to promote intergenerational communication and understanding, thus contributing to a more socially sustainable ERIH network. Another important aim is to develop mentoring relationships within the existing network to encourage participants to offer advice and support for a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

Regular roundtable discussions are held for YP members on a variety of topics, with open discussion. A new format is 'My day at work', where ERIH site staff present their day-to-day work and raise interest in industrial heritage as a potential career option. Young Professionals also attend ERIH Board meetings as advisors, present their issues and proposals at the General Assembly and contribute to the ERIH Annual Conference by organising and running workshops. Activities being considered for the future include an internship and job exchange platform and professional training by experts on YP topics.

ERIH Young Professionals benefit from reduced membership and conference fees. Applicants are asked to use the following form and send it to young-professionals(at)